Wednesday, November 16

The Pack


Utah Valley University is a lovely campus.

The grounds are well-kept;

The architecture is both old

 and modern;

and like the rest of Orem,
it is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

The campus is quieter in the evenings,
but many attend night classes.

The library is well-used all hours of the day

and night.

Every building on campus is connected by wide hallways
in which you can get to any building without going outside.

They are filled with students with great burdens.

...and not just their backpack.

At first glance you might not notice the spiritual need
for some students freely wear a smile.

Others wear their burdens on their countenance.

A huge majority of the student body here
labor through life without knowing truth or the Giver of peace.

They study hard and have many responsibilities,
but it does not take long to see the burden they are carrying.

The stairs, sidewalks, and halls are filled with
thousands who simply do not know Jesus.

Whether airing their burdens publicly

or tucking themselves away in some corner,

there is no denying the spiritual emptiness on campus.

One way we are seeking to reach these students
is through our information table on campus

a place where they can stop and ask any question they may have 
about our ministry, God, or the Bible.

We desire to see them throw their burden
at the foot of the cross and be set free!

Whenever you see someone wearing a backpack,
would you pray for the students at UVU?

Saturday, October 15

Date Night

Last night, Michael took me to Salt Lake City
for a date night with some friends.

There we watched a bunch of guys sliding 
around on ice skates

with these bent sticks

dressed like Frosty the Snowman,

waiting for this guy in stripes
to drop a black rock on the ice

just hoping they could hit the rock before anyone else
so it would slide across the ice

where they would duke it out
trying to get it in the little net.

It looked like a lot of confusion at times,

but we all had a great time-
including Grizzbee.

In the end, the Grizzlies won
(that would be our team)

and Grizzbee got to do a victory lap on the ice.

Now I can say I've been to my very first hockey game.  :) 

Sunday, September 25

Final Goodbye

Dad, a Marine, was given a fitting military grave side honor
 that included a 21 gun salute, taps, and folding of the flag he defended.

Thank a veteran today.
Call or hug your dad today.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but we thank you
for all your prayers for us in the past few days.