Monday, June 5

Seen On Campus

 The campus is much quieter these days,
but summer classes have begun.

The halls are not filled wall-to-wall with students
like the rest of the year, but they are here,
taking classes that will make their fall semester load lighter.

This Summer is a time for us to concentrate more
on administrative responsibilities, planning for the academic year,
and keeping in touch with students with whom 
we are building relationships.
The scene on campus will change in the coming weeks-
back to a bustling place where finding a parking place is a challenge,
and rubbing shoulders in the halls with those we have come to love.
We are glad we are here!

Sunday, May 7

A Walk in the Park

On my birthday, we headed out of town 
and into a canyon that is about 20 minutes away.

The surrounding mountains and rocks look different with each season.

I love the view, regardless if it be Spring, Summer,
Autumn, or Winter.

The joy of this season-
of this day, is that it was perfect weather
for a walk in the park.

The path and bike trail winds along
the edge of the river. 

If you look up, you can see the massive rocks and mountains;

if you look down, you just might see some tiny little flowers.

We did not walk the whole trail,
but we managed to get in four miles of the lovely view.

Bridal Veil Falls is along the trail and just begs for a stop.

We have yet to climb to the top of the first cataract...
maybe another day!

The snow melt has already filled the river with icy water.

There is something renewing about a walk in the park-
especially when it is in the woods.  😊

Wednesday, April 26

Family Night... and more

  Recently, we again hosted Family Night in our home. 
Generally this is a time for food and games for all who come.
But, you have to be ready for anything when serving the Lord with college students!

This month, just German came, bringing a college friend from Ukraine.

Andre and German told us they had just eaten at MacDonald's... (really??)
I had made a huge pile of food and hoped to see 
a roomful of college students eat away.
They agreed to join us at the table where they did proceed 
to put away a good bit of food.  😂

They were not interested in games this night, however. 
They had brought their homework and requested help with it!

So, like dutiful parents, we had a blast helping them work 
on a 'last-minute' project, due on Monday, of course!

They had given a speech in their English as a Second Language 
class and now had to make a 'science' presentation board related to their topic.

We had a delightful time making suggestions, helping them cut, 
watching them arrange and glue. 

When they felt satisfied they had done all they could do, 
Andre asked if he could play the guitar sitting in our living room.  
He has a beautiful talent, and we enjoyed 
this part of the evening getting to know him.

Later that night, we packed up a sack of take-home for the boys 
and sent them on their way.

Monday morning, we found German on campus, 
confidently explaining to any who passed by, 
the effects of beach erosion in his country of Mexico.

Their English class had to set up their boards in a public area of the Science Building 
and talk to anyone who came up to look at their presentation.

We found Andre and allowed him to expertly explain 
why plastic in the ocean is a negative.
Andre is 17 years old and learning English quite well 
in his first year here at Utah Valley University.

For five hours, multitudes of other students and professors
stopped by and chatted with the ESL students.

I walked through the display area meeting other ESL students 
who are in German's class.
"Trevor" from Taiwan shared with me the difficulties
with the cultural nightmarket in his country.

I chatted at length with "Didi" from Kenya.

Yuyu and her twin sister "Pamela"
are 18 years old and are her from China
to learn English.

"Pamela" was particularly interested in talking to me
about more than just her topic and asked for my contact information.

Tatiana, from Ukraine explained why Dairy cows in California are killing us 😉😉

 and HyuinJung from Korea explained about solar power.
He wants to become a pilot after he learns English.

We also met Rosio from Dominican Republic and Charles from Congo.

We are grateful for the extended benefits of Family Night this month. 
Showing up to see 'our boys' present their science boards 
paved the way for a handful of meeting several more students.
We are praying that these relationships will continue to be built, as God allows.