Sunday, November 11

Ministry Travel

With the addition of CBFI Coordinator to Mike's responsibilities,
he has been doing some extra traveling.
He recently finished a journey to ABC College in West Virginia.
His visit there was to encourage students who are 
seeking God's direction for life-time missions.

 Their week of mission conference gave him several days
of mingling with the students as they 
shared their heart and asked questions.

 He was home just one day before we headed out of Utah together.

We journeyed across Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Iowa
to attend the mission conference at FBBC in Ankeny.

The week-long mission conference there gave the student body
several days to set aside studies to focus on missions.
This photo is of 33 people reading a portion of God's Word
in 33 different languages.  
One of the languages isn't even written down as of yet!
It was a moving experience.

We had a delightful time with the students! 

Students could stop by our info table,
eat meals with us, talk with us between sessions,
and give us time to listen to their heart.

We could spend all day with college students;
we love their passion for life and love
to hear what God is doing in and through them.

The journey home was another 17 hours,
this time with some fresh white flakes
scattered along the way.

We are grateful to be home
and to have the joy of serving Him.

Friday, September 14

Color and Smoke

We are seeing the beginning of the beautiful color changes on the mountains,

when we can see the mountains...

this forest fire started a few days ago and can easily 
be seen from our neighborhood.

This view of smoke (no clouds here) is our from our office.
We are safe, staying inside, and praying for those 
men fighting this quickly growing fire.

Friday, May 25


When there are five Sundays in a month we have the privilege of getting together with like-minded churches across the valley for the 5th Sunday Sing.  It is a delight to fellowship with believers we do not get to see on a regular basis.
We met in the sanctuary of a church in Santaquin this night, where five churches were represented. There are just six rows available to sit in as we gathered.  Enough space to join our voices in chorus praising the God of Heaven. Enough space to focus on why we live and serve in Utah. Enough space to build one another up in the faith.

Often times families or individuals bring their instruments, sing or play for the rest of us, as we rejoice in the goodness of the freedom to meet freely in this place.

Pray for these small Bodies of believers scattered across the State as we carry out the Great Commission.