Thursday, February 8

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Everyone, big or small can have an integral part
in missions.
And how precious to receive words of encouragement 
from the little ones who fearlessly speak their heart.

These are just a few lovely cards we have received from children.

We love that they took time to painstakingly 
print out each letter,
draw each picture,
paste each sticker.

We love that their parents are faithfully 
teaching them about missions.
We love the patience of the parents as the child crafted.

We love that parents helped their little ones 
address and mail the envelopes.

We are so blessed!

Tuesday, January 9

Seen on Campus

Here is a creative way to pay your dues...
on the honor system.

Thursday, November 9

Student Visit

Recently, a former student from our ministry in Florida 
came to spend a few days with us.

She had her heart set on taking us to a
  restaurant she had heard of in our area.

So, we traveled up the highway about 45 minutes
an enjoyed the fall colors along the way.

We'd already had a bit of snow here,
and it lingered alongside the autumn show.

The grounds of the restaurant were stunning
even though most of the summer flowers were past their peak.

Every corner of the acreage had been well-planned.

Our friend, Dr. Fu.
(Please pray for her salvation.)

We enjoyed a lovely brunch together catching up on news
and sharing Jesus.

Afterwards, we spent some more time walking through the vineyards, 
gardens, flower beds and taking in the crisp autumn air.

What a beautiful setting in which to
visit with an old friend.

How grateful we are for
God's beauty
Old friends,
and God's enduring love!