Thursday, February 9

Family Night


 It started out tame enough... Family Night at a local restaurant.

We added great food...
and smiled through our spicy curries at our favorite Indian place.

We mixed in some delightful company, including
German, an ESL student from Mexico,

Yue, from China, studying aviation,

and Dr Grace, from Taiwan.
She is our CBF advisor and was a joyful addition to our family,

We made lots of laughter and stayed late in the restaurant.
We talked about everything...
and of course there were pictures.

They are already asking when the next Family Night will be.

Wednesday, February 8

Promise of Spring

Winter is still hanging in there,
but Spring is coming...

Friday, January 27

Club Fair

Are you fond of languages?

Maybe you have a thing for feet.

Maybe you have a passion to wipe out human trafficking,

or you just think science and test tubes are too cool.

Students all across campus stop by information tables
during Club Fair days and find a place 
for themselves to throw their energy into.

It is a day we strive to participate in because 
we know there are students here who are interested in knowing truth.
29 were brave enough to stop by this semester's Fair to inquire or chat.
Pray that God would do His work in their hearts for His glory!