Monday, June 18

A Few New Friends

Mai is a sweet girl who works with the Japanese Stock Market. She tries very hard at English and does a good job. She recently heard me use the word 'sneaky' and asked the meaning. After attempting to explain it to her I mentioned that men in the military often try to sneak up on the opponent in war. Mai asked, "Like men in camouflage?"
"Yes, I responded, their clothes help them to hide."
Mai asked, "Do they wear sneaky wear?"
After we all laughed I told her she should start her own dictionary. She replied, "Okay, please buy."

Mamiri and Saya; both English students.

Mikame and his wife Yoko introduced us to chocolate covered potato chips. This is a dear couple who studies English diligently. They have a Bible lesson also.

Miss K. I have had several English lessons with this new friend. God has given opportunity to speak of the meaning of Christmas and her memories of church when she was in America as a little girl.
Pastor Yuasa compares his muscles with Evan's.
Pastor and Mrs. Yoshida
Ken O. shows us how to use bamboo walking stilts.
Mikeson tries it and gives everyone a good laugh.

A sweet pea in the English 'Puppies' class.
Mr. O and son
Marika O. - A sweet girl!

Mrs O.

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  1. Great pictures! I love seeing the people with whom you are interacting! Oh, how the Lord loves them, too.

    In Christ,


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