Sunday, June 10

God's Protection

We began this day by worshiping with other Japanese believers. While trying to sing along in Japanese, (we have a long way to go!) the rain began to pour. The weather grew rapidly worse with lightning and winds. Soon after Pastor Yoshida started preaching from Acts, we watched (with unbelief) out the window as the winds swirled round and round and a tornado began to form. Michael got up at one point to watch its progress from another room. Just as he was about to tell everyone we needed to take cover, the Lord caused the forming tornado to dissipate. We are not sure if it ever fully organized, but we know that God protected us today in a special way.

After church we had tea and worked inside the building on the ceiling as it continued to rain. Mrs. O. worked very hard along side of us, cleaning ceiling tiles. The time quickly passed and we cleaned up for dinner.

We traveled to the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. a short distance away. The evening was a delightful experience full of learning new things and tasting new foods. Mrs. N. had 12 different beautiful and tasty foods on the table. We are getting better at using our chopsticks.

After dinner we sat and visited for a few hours - and ate some more! We had watermelon, a white Japanese melon similar to honeydew, green tea, and Japanese crackers. Leaving our slippers at the edge of their floor, we put on our shoes and said our good-byes (much bowing). For a visual peek at some of the days events, see the pictures below.

Mrs. O.'s daughter. She has been learning to play the piano since age three.

Mrs. O. washing ceiling tiles.

Entering the home of Mr. and Mrs. N.

Dinner is served!


  1. Dear Mike and Sharon,

    It is awesome but scary to experience tornado weather. Praise the Lord that He protected you! Thank you for your fascinating posts and pictures. I am praying daily for you and those with whom you come into contact.

    Love in Christ,

  2. Konnichiwa Sharon & Mike!

    Glad to know that you arrived safely in Japan and that all is going well. (Oh my goodness Sharon, you hair has gotten sooo long.) It looks like you've met lovely people and are having an enjoyable experience. I'll be praying that the trip proves productive. You folks take care.

    love, Nadia


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