Wednesday, June 6

Work Day

We are ready for a good night’s sleep on the futon tonight to rest our sore feet and tired muscles. We started off today with a ladies English class at the church. Mrs. Yoshida and I taught the English section which included conversational English over tea and a treat. The treat was a black sticky triangle of soy flour stuffed with red bean paste. Mrs. H offered it to me and I took one... oops! ... I was supposed to wait until I had been offered it three times. I hope she will forgive the ‘pink elephant’ mistake; they are easy to do here.

Michael and Mr. Yoshida taught the Bible lesson section while I and Mrs. Yoshida started to burn bamboo. I wore the traditional Japanese towel to protect my head from the sun, but it was still hard, hot work. They soon joined us in working around the church property. The men spent most of their time preparing the ceiling panels for insulation. For a first look at the day’s events, check out the pictures below.

Mr. Yoshida

Insulating panels

Tasty "box lunch"

Burning bamboo


  1. Mike and Sharon,

    I can see that you are working hard. Your servant's spirit is a great encouragement to the believers there, I am sure. I am praying for you daily!

    Love in Christ,
    Laura Gaunnac

  2. Thank you Laura for your prayers and encouragement. We have been on a couple of campuses so far and hope to get onto some more in the next two weeks. Pray that we can get good information when we visit these universities.

  3. Hi Sis! Great photo's! I am laughing seeing that wonderful headress you have there! Well, I am so glad God has given us all the health and strength to work for His glory! What an experience to never forget!! Lots of love once again.

    Your sis


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