Tuesday, April 29

Home in Miami

Praise the Lord with us for a safe arrival in Miami. Our journey began and ended in a similar fashion that touched our hearts deeply. The Sunday School class in Indiana we were a part of while on furlough honored us with a lunch on our last day. They shared words of encouragement and gratitude with us and prayed with us before we left. They sent us off with love gifts including cookies for the road and potted flowers for our new home. We left with hearts much warmer than the thirty-eight degrees outside.

Our arrival in Miami included a warm welcome from our church family here with happy hugs and greetings, tangible love gifts for our home, and an opportunity to share in the evening service. Afterwards we rejoiced and enjoyed fellowship around some cake. The body of Christ is like no other family and our love for it is continually deepened.

While getting settled in our new place, we have enjoyed meeting old friends, new students, new neighbors, and very warm weather. We have spent some time renewing relationships with some of the faculty and staff on campus. The maintenance man was overjoyed to see us, though he speaks little English; several other staff expressed their joy to see us again; and we met a few new staff and key personnel. Several students have contacted us and we have already enjoyed sweet fellowship with some of them. Our first visitor to our home was our elderly Catholic neighbor. She is French Canadian and we are asking God for some opportunities to share the truth with her.

We also attended a meeting on campus that outlined some of the changes taking place that may affect our ministry as a student organization in the University. We are still sorting out the details, but please be in prayer for wisdom and discernment.

Below are some more of the sights that welcomed us home. Come visit us sometime!

lounging iguana on the deck where we ate lunch
a small harbor in south Florida

another beautiful sunset in Miami

This is the first sight we saw - typical traffic - the day we arrived.

Entrance to our favorite place ... Florida International University!
A view of our home.

back with some of our students at FIU
Campus Bible Fellowship students - great kids!

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