Saturday, November 1

Can you come to our Tuesday night Bible Study with us?

Once we arrive on campus we go to the room FIU has allowed for us to meet in this semester. Each room on campus has "Today's Events" listed outside the door. We double check that we are on the schedule for that night. This particular night we had the room right after the Nicaraguan Student Association. It is nice when we are the last club scheduled for the night because our students love to stay after and fellowship.

Then we get the room ready -- arranging chairs, setting out snacks for the ever-hungry students, along with printed information on upcoming CBF events or Bible study notes.

The clock says it is almost time for the students to arrive. It is always fun to see who can make it each week. Tests and other issues sometimes get in the way for the students to come.

We can hear them coming down the hall this night - laughing and enjoying each other's company before we even see them.

With Bible in hand, here they are!

The table always looks a little different by the time we share, pray, study, and snack together.

We are studying Biblical Relationships this semester and the response has been very positive. The students have shared their hearts, asked lots of questions, and some have told us privately the studies have been convicting and very helpful. We love to watch them grow.

Even with their busiest schedules, they always stay afterwards for some more discussion, counseling, or laughter with us. Here Simon practices his art of catching green grapes tossed to him. ??? whatever :)

"Fanny" used to dash out the door at the last possible minute to catch her bus, but now we take her home each week after Bible study. She loves to stay to the very end and we are glad to have her for the whole study each week. What a great group of kids! Come down sometime so you can meet them. You'll fall in love.


  1. I would love to come visit! My heart is there with you!


  2. My heart was blessed as I read this account of Tuesday eve. Bible Study, I could feel the anticipation as you described in detail how you prepare for the students. What a nice group of students, and nice facilities. We will continue to pray for God's working in the student's lives, and for you, the Lord's gracious servants. Love, Leeann


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