Monday, November 3

Seen On Campus

The campus seemed unusually quiet for this beautiful, sunny Monday morning when we arrived today, despite the special "Panther" balloon in front of the Student Union Center.

A few paces into the building and we saw where everyone was -- in The Pit. The Pit is a centralized place in this particular building where events of all kind take place. It is near the food court where we often go to meet new students, and near the stairs to go to class rooms, including the room where we meet for Bible study. I could not get everyone in the same picture. Take the people in this photo and multiply it by four or five.

Everyone was waiting to hear George Lopez come to speak, an actor who is promoting Obama. Many were holding signs that said in Sapnish, "Hispanics for Change." Can you see Mike in this photo below? (Hint: he is wearing a black shirt.)

The music was ear drum-splitting and drove the students as they waved their Spanish signs.
From the very start of his speech the actor told the students to stop people and shut them out when negative things are said about Obama. He told them not to give any room for discussion and basically instructed them to close their minds to what anyone else had to say.

In the incredible throng of people and the amazing noise they all produced, Mike had an opportunity to visit with the professor in the philosophy department who headed this event. God often gives him the ability to find these professors and talk to them. While there was no Gospel shared in this brief encounter, we pray that groundwork for further interaction was laid.

It was refreshing to slip away from the throng and meet with the students who came for Bible study.

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  1. I am praying for God's will to be done today in the election. Michael and I had to stand in line to vote for an hour and 15 minutes today. We have never had to wait so long before.


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