Tuesday, November 25

This and That

It seems like each week gets busier on campus. Finals are approaching, so along with preparing for the coming holidays we haven't had much down time. It is the kind of 'busy' we love. Below are some pictures from the last few days at Campus Bible Fellowship.
At our literature table this week the students continued to collect plastic bottle caps for the American Cancer Society who will take these caps and translate them into funds for chemotherapy treatments for a local elementary girl. With the help of a local Christian school, we collected enough in three days for 1 1/2 treatments.

On Saturday, a few of us got together for a simple BBQ and fellowship at the home of a student.

Eating was good ... especially for this young man who built a beautiful burger!

"Fanny" watches everything we do to learn how to do it or say it the 'American' way.

The students are ever eager to teach us a few lessons in technological gadgets.

We try to keep up with them, but there is always something new for us to tuck away in our head so we can understand them on their level and better communicate with them.

Bible study is always one of the weekly highlights on our calendar. We have been given a very nice room to use this semester. Today, the University told us they don't have a room for us to meet in next semester. Something to pray about these next few weeks.

Bible study friends.

Part of our Bible study group this week. We had a good study on thankfulness.

They got me in this picture. I am usually behind the camera (where I like it best!).

They loved the treats this week -- even if it meant picking out the raisins in the cookies.

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  1. I will pray that a meeting place for next semester will become available. God will provide!



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