Tuesday, November 11

Veterans Day

The University was closed today for Veteran's Day, so we chose to take some time off and take a drive to the Keys. It was 84 degrees and breezy - a perfect day to take in some ocean sights.

First stop was a bee keeper in the Keys whose bees collect and make delicious honey from the local plants. These include such plants as the Jamaican Dogwood, Saw Palmetto, Mango, Black Mangrove, and others. We hope it will make our bread taste yummy!

Next, we stopped at a sea food restaurant where we ate outside on the pier. The seagulls and pelicans graced the sky as we ate. While there we also saw a shark they had in the water.

Finally we ended our drive at a state park, which was free admission today because of the holiday. We sat our chairs under a tree that was next to the water and just relaxed. It was good to rest, read, watch the waves, explore the beach, watch the scurrying crabs, and doze off to the sound of the waves at our feet.

Yesterday was an intense day on campus and tomorrow will be busy as well. It was a treat to just rest today ... and thank the Lord for our veterans who have fought so hard to make a "free day" like this possible.

Sea green water and fluffy clouds makes for a treat for the eyes!
At the water's edge.
Mangrove trees reach their roots into the nearest water.

Enjoying our gift of rest!
Our shade tree.

Waiting pelican.

The whole beach to ourselves.

Seaweed and shells.

Michael takes in the view.

One of many Hermet Crabs dashing around the sand and shells.

Pier Birds.

Finished with another day - rested and ready to go for tomorrow.

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  1. Ahhhh, I felt peaceful just reading your post and looking at your beautiful photos! What a blessing of a day for you both.


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