Tuesday, February 24

Girls Brunch

Saturday I hosted a brunch at our home for the girls. Michael was a huge help in helping me getting everything ready, played taxi driver for those without transportation and then made himself scarce while we enjoyed our fellowship. It was a perfect day for sipping tea, visiting over quiche, chicken salad, strawberry jello, tea cakes-- and meeting new friends.

One of my sisters in Christ from church came with her daughter and was a blessing to us as she shared the story of how God brought Emma into their lives from China.

After we ate, we spent some time getting to know the person next to us and then shared something about them with the whole group. The young lady sitting next to me was not a believer and could not believe I had put my faith in Jesus at age four. This is the piece of information she chose to share with the other girls. It became more of a group discussion as there were others there who do not know the Savior. It was a joy to share my testimony and the Name of my Savior with everyone there.

Andrea is from Peru
Man is from China
Ruth (r) is Cuban

Miss Emma

Some more sweet guests


  1. Your sis, Kathy2/24/09, 11:14 PM

    How fun! and what a beautiful table you put on, as you always do! I love decorating but you have the ideas that are wonderful. Where do you come up with those?!! What a blessing to others and what contacts! Hope they come to know Christ through your hospitality. Love you! Your sis

  2. Sharon,
    You are such a sweet hostess to these girls! I, too, hope they come to the Lord as a result of their friendship with you.



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