Friday, March 20

Faith Missions Team (part one)

Last week we had the joy of having a missions team with us from Faith Baptist Bible College (Iowa). Six students and one professor gave up their Spring Break and drove more than 24 hours to join us for a few days of ministry here in Miami. The three girls stayed with us (that was a fun and exciting experience!) and the guys camped out at one of our local churches. They were an awesome team that worked well together and worked well with us.

My dining room looked like this a lot during the week as we ate together, planned the week of ministry, and shared our joys and frustrations of the experiences on campus.

Two of the days we had our literature table up and made a variety of contacts with students of all walks. Some were new to us, like R____, and Indian student who needed a Bible and wanted personal Bible studies with Michael. Others were students we had met before.

We passed out a lot of invitations to the small group Bible studies, gave away many tracts, and were able to share the Word with a few who stopped long enough to listen.

A few even became instant friends with some of the students from Faith Baptist Bible College. We loved to watch them interact with the FIU students and see their mission heart.
Part of our ministry included the beautiful and warm outdoors, talking with those who had a few spare minutes in their day. In the photo below are two of the girls speaking with a man at the fountain.
Below is a close view of their conversation. He listened a long time and we thank the Lord for the freedom to share Christ on campus. This fountain is the famous place where anyone off the street (just about) can come and speak their mind publically. This is the place where the "evangelist" comes each semester, harshly condems anyone listening of their sins and makes ministry for us after he leaves a little more difficult. FIU students do not respond well to his screaming and lack of graciousness. It is a reminder to us that with a little demonstrated love and concern for others, most people here will listen.

We also took some of the students to meet some of the staff and faculty we interact with on campus. Below are the Faith girls with three of my Latin friends who work in a financial office. I frequently see them, eat lunch with them, and share the Word with these three unbelievers. The Faith girls connected well with these women. One of the women shared her sad story about her troubles with her young son and all the human effort she has put forth to solve the issues. One of the girls from Faith Babptist Bible College told her those things were good, but she really needed to put her faith in God and rely on Him. Since the Faith girls all speak Spanish fluently, they then sang the hymn, "Tell It To Jesus." My Latin friend wept openly as they sang. Pray for further opportunity for me to share the Name of Jesus with her.

Of course we had our two group Bible studies during the week as well.

Our FIU students seemed to enjoy their company a lot. Our core desire is that our FIU family come to know the Lord and serve Him with all of their hearts. It was good to see that kind of life modeled out before our students from other college students that they have never met before.

One evening we dashed to the mall and ate a meal together before Bible study. "Fanny" joined us and made the meal twice as joyful. She also let the Faith girls join her private Bible lesson one afternoon. "Fanny" was quite responsive to the girls and is still talking about my "three friends."

Having seven additional seed planters and waterers with us for a week was a big encouragement. Now we wait to see how God will harvest the fruit.


  1. It sounds like a fruitful week. Your love for college students is showing--praise the Lord!

  2. I just now saw these photos, but what a great reminder of the things God did and is still doing!!! thanks for allowing us to share in that awsome ministry,
    in Christ,
    Ana Lee


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