Monday, March 23

Faith Missions Team (part two)

While the the team from Faith Baptist Bible College was here, some of our CBF students allowed them to sit in during their one-on-one Bible studies. One of those girls, my dear friend Man Fu, was gracious enough to allow them to sit with her while we studied the Word. Man continues to want to know more of God and His Word. She shared her difficulty in believing this truth while we met that day. It was a joy to have the Faith girls share in this time with us and have Man see true faith in action from someone other than me.Man Fu really liked the girls . . but who couldn't love someone with beautiful smiles like these?!!

In the Bible study Monday morning, the students sang for us - first in English, then in Spanish.

There was much serving during the week, but we found time to see some of Miami and the culture here first-hand. One afternoon we enjoyed a ride on the Metro-rail and a visit to Bayside.

Key Biscayne was another fun spot to visit for a few hours. It was a great day to scope out God's beautiful handiwork in and around the sea . . . .

Inspect shells, coral, and other found treasure . . . .
and even share the Gospel with some of the State Park Staff.
At the end of the week we made a trip to the Florida Everglades.
It is such a unique place and so full of life.
Of course, it is most famous for the more than 1 million alligators said to be living in the Glades.

We saw a lot of birds, fish, turtle, and alligators. We did not see any of the deer, bear, or panthers that live in the Everglades.

Three Faith students enjoying the air boat ride.

One view from our boat.

Just one slinky alligator coming towards our boat here, but we know more are hiding out there!

Andy, Alicia, and AnaLee enjoys their air boat ride.
We all enjoyed the beauty in the sky, water, foilage, and animals.


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Just how close to those alligators were you? Bet you miss the Faith Team!


  2. Beautiful photography of God's handiwork in Florida! I agree that the students have beautiful smiles, too!


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