Monday, March 30

High school and University

Mike left the house early this morning to go to a local Christian school to speak in two chapel services. (Today my post was staying home and waiting for the plumber-- third time in two weeks.) Four of our CBF students joined Mike and were able to share with the middle school and high school students. Two guys shared their testimony and both girls and the guys shared plainly what it is like on the university campus.

The strong Latin culture in Miami includes parents who are very reluctant to allow their children to leave home or the city for college education. As a result, most of these high school students will stay right here in Miami for their college years. Mike spoke on the importance of being prepared for the transition from high school to university. He particularly addressed the difference between being a 'professor' or a 'possessor' of faith in Jesus Christ. More than fifty percent of all college students who hit the American campus claiming to be a Christian will totally walk away from their "beliefs" by the time they leave the university. Shocking, but true.

We are burdened for both those who arrive on campus who think they are a Christian but have no real faith to stand on, as well as those who truly know Jesus but will have their faith severly tested in the classroom, dorms, and culture of the American college campus.

After speaking in chapel Mike went to the campus for the small group Bible study we have on Mondays. Attendance is low on Mondays this semester, but we are grateful for the two or three faithful students who come every week. They tell us how important it is for them to take this break from their studies and meet with us for prayer, fellowship, and a time in the Word each week. Praise God for this freedom we have!

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