Monday, March 2

Snapshots of the week

The past eight days have been Missions Conference here at our church. Each night at least two missionaries spoke and we were again challenged for the need to tell the Good News of Jesus in various places and ways around the world. We met Mrs. Gardner who came to Miami as a child from Nicaragua. She and her family serve God in Mexico.The decorations were simple, but a good reminder of the many nations who still have no active witness in their land.Jonathan Mee and his wife will be serving in Colombia. Michael and Jonathan try out a cup of Cuban coffee before the service. One cup is approximately equal to four cups of American coffee in caffeine content.Pastor asked us to set up our display for Campus Bible Fellowship. It was common to see people, such as these two friends in fellowship before the services began each night. The children seemed to enjoy the missions conference as well. The students in the Christian school here raised more than $35,000.00 for missions.

Two sisters before an evening service.
~ ~ ~

We threw in a side mission outreach on Friday night with our CBF students. We had a Pizza Construction Night at the home of a dear church family. The students were to bring their favorite toppings to add to the crusts our hostess had already prepared for us.

The girls were very interested in seeing the crusts in progress and asked many questions. Soon the commencing of pizza construction began.

Anet and Vijaya (both from India) teamed up to make a vegetarian pizza, while "Fanny" added Chinese sausage to her creation. Their finished masterpiece is below.
Andrew and John (a construction management major) carefully added anchovies to their project. (See photo below) A jar of artichokes was made available and Vijaya asked me what kind of sea creatures they were. She thought they were actual hearts of a sea animal and wasn't too sure about that prospect!

Michael and I put one together, although because I was a bit excited with all of our kids there, I was a little out of focus in the homemaking department; ours was a sad-looking hodgepodge we called a pizza. Everyone was excited to see the pizzas going in and coming out of the oven. I braved a piece with Chinese sausage; the boys loved the slippery anchovies; Vijaya decided 'o-kee-choke-ees' were good on pizza. We sat in the lovely night Miami air swatting a few flying critters and visited with the students. The students became instant fans of the hostess' one year old grand-daughter. They held her, fed her bites of pizza, touched her cheeks and tried to talk with her. They were shocked to hear me refer to her as a sweet girl. ''Oh, baby is so strong . . . we thought he was a boy!" We topped off our gourmet experience with snicker doodles and fresh strawberries. Of course, the international students wanted to know what a snicker and a doodle is.
Eventually we made our way back into the house where several different groups formed in a variety of conversations. One of the missionaries at the conference this week also joined us and shared in our joyful evening. We had several opportunities to share Jesus with our kids.
The guys enjoyed visiting with our host. After mid-terms last week, the students seemed to enjoy just being casual and relaxed for an evening.
We praise God for our sweet host family who went to so much work to make the night go smoothly and then sat down with some of our students and visited with them.

All our kids are close to our hearts and a special part of our family. Thanks for your prayers for them.

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  1. I love missions conferences!


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