Monday, April 20

Engineering Campus

Tonight we had the privilege of serving on the FIU Engineering Campus for seven hours. It is time once again to host the Snack Table during finals week where we pass out free coffee and goodies to the students who are cramming for their projects, presentations, and final exams. This ministry opportunity is so successful on the main campus, this semester we decided to branch out and go to the Engineering campus as well which is just a few blocks from the main campus.

This campus hosts the students who are studying all types of engineering, construction, molecular, computer sciences, and all the other 'way-over-my-head" degrees. Very few American students study at this facility but of course it is pure joy to mingle among them.

We had a small delay in setting up our area with coffee, lemonade, hot cocoa, snacks and treats so when we were barely getting things arranged suddenly there was an organized, but massive throng of hungry students around our table. (Most of our usual help for this event were not able to assist us tonight, so it was just the two of us serving.) There was hardly any time to keep the cookies set out, let alone take any pictures, but we did eventually get a few.

God gave us incredible moments to share His Name throughout the night. This is one reason why we love to serve. At least seven times one or both of us entered into significant conversations with students who were ready to hear the truth. It makes shopping, collecting goodies, and dragging the whole house to campus worth everything.

Below is Bo who lives near the Mongolian border. What a delightful young lady she is. Bo was thrilled to try her first-ever cup of hot cocoa. Besides making some memories together, we talked extensively about her faith in Buddha and my faith in the One true God. Bo must leave America in September as she is a visiting scholar.

Jose and Michael talked at great length after Jose claimed he is an atheist. The coffee and snacks were a great tool to open the door to share Christ with him.

This young lady (below) showed us the GPS she made and even demonstrated how it works. Another young lady from India spoke with me at length about Jesus. When she learned that Christians share their funds and resources so that we can be on the campus full-time, she was deeply moved. We hope to visit with her in the future to answer more of her seeking questions.

We are constantly reminded how important being available to the students is. Nearing eleven PM, a young man from Korea began a lengthy conversation with Michael about spiritual matters.
Thanks to each of you who pray and give. You can't imagine what a cup of coffee did tonight in the lives of these students.

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  1. Thank you for giving these students cups of coffee and snacks for Jesus' sake.


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