Thursday, April 23

Finals Week Ministry

Coffee, cupcakes, tea, apples, chips, oranges, fudge, bananas, cookies, lemonade, and hot chocolate were some of the "brain food" choices we were able to offer the students on campus this week while they crammed for their final exams. It meant another late night on campus enjoying the ability to serve the students in a tangible way.

Since Bible studies are pretty far down on the priority list when they take exams ,wrap up their projects, and finish their presentations, the Snack Table ministry has become another great way to share Christ during this week.

It means a lot of work for us but the rewards are quite visible and rewarding. The night on the main campus had a different dynamic than at the Engineering Center (see previous post). We had student help Tuesday evening and that was a big blessing. It was a lot easier to keep the beverages ready and all the goodies laid out in an organized way.
Mostly though, the students who helped us behind the table were the biggest help in talking to those who stopped by. We often heard in amazed voices, "Why are you giving away free food?" and, "Who are you? Those two questions allow many open doors to share the Name of Jesus.

Asking them about their exams often leads to spiritual conversations as well. There is so much joy in serving in this way.
Even some of the professors stopped by for one of these tempting Dum Dum suckers.
Our church family provided much of the delicious food for this Snack Nite and we thank God for their willingness to partner with us in this fashion. The homemade treats were snatched up quickly. One student asked me if I had made the cookie he was pointing to. When I replied, "No, a lady in our church made that for you" he grabbed it and said, "Oh, I just love church food!" :)

The girl in the picture below is part of a special on-going story. We met her last August in the first week of classes. A_____ is heavily involved in Eastern religion and the Japanese culture. Our tentative relationship has barely moved through the last nine months as she usually seems skittish when she sees us. This night however, she lingered around the table for a very long time, talking, dancing, eating, and visiting with our CBF students. One group of students came to the table and saw the free food and said, "Who are you? A_____ spoke up quickly and replied very loudly, "They are Campus Bible Fellowship, and they are awesome people!"
We know it is God who is awesome, but our hearts were encouraged to know that she is observing a little of His greatness through us. We pray that our relationship with her will continue to grow for His glory.

There was also some time for deepening relationships with the Christian students who stopped by during slow times. Strengthening these brothers and sisters in Christ is another joy we have serving on this campus. There is so much on campus to draw them away from walking with Jesus.
Though physically drained as midnight rolled around, we really hated to leave this special opportunity we had to be a light at FIU. We hope to do it again next semester.


  1. I enjoy reading all about what you do there on Campus. Does look like hard work and many late nights but you will be blessed for doing those things. Bless you guys!
    Your sis, Kathy

  2. Your goodies table looked Good. How nice of your church to help in this ministry. I am sure the students enjoyed the treats! May God continue to bless you and your ministry!

    Love, sister1


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