Tuesday, April 14

Semester Ends

Most of this semester Michael has been teaching and encouraging the students on the topic of prayer. It has been especially helpful to have a lengthy focus in this area. Tonight was our last formal study for the semester. Final exams have already begun. We spent some time in James this evening looking at tests, particularly life's tests, and how God wants us to respond with joy. Many of the students shared in the study and the fellowship afterwards at Wendy's was excellent. :)
One of these young men will be graduating in just a few days and moving on to another state. He has grown so much during his time in CBF and we will miss him greatly. But, we know there are more than 10,000 freshmen expected to come into FIU this summer and fall; God has a few of them picked out for us to serve and train. It will be our joy.

Our Bible study students tonight

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