Wednesday, May 6

Leaving the Nest

After spending more than twelve hours on her feet dealing with customers of all kinds in the campus bookstore, Yolanda still had this sweet smile when she slipped into Bible study a few minutes late this week.
Yolanda graduated last week and is seeking God's direction for her next level of study. We were able to honor her at the Bible study with a few small gifts-- including this book "Lies Women Believe" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.
Yolanda spontaneously shared with us and the other students what an impact CBF had on her, especially the first two years of her education. She told us that CBF changed the way she thought about her education and how she approached university life.
Another one in our family is setting out to fly the nest and make her mark in this world. We will miss Yolanda very much as she moves further into her career of film, radio, and other types media. Her desire is to produce media that pleases God. Pray that she stays faithful to our God.

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  1. What a good choice of a book to give Yolanda! I also have that book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss,and it is excellent.


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