Saturday, May 30

Drops of Joy

Early this morning we left the city of Miami to travel several hours north for a memorial service for a missionary friend, Joan Stephens.

Not too far out of Miami the roads begin to look like this -- quiet and lined with monster telephone poles that bring electricity all the way down the state to our city.

There are just a few sleepy towns along the miles;
many of them home to sugar cane fields and workers.
We passed a few ponds, lakes and miles of canals on our journey
(all with aligators in them of course).

Also seen were the many orange groves along side of the highway,
and some were loaded with juicy, famous Florida oranges.

The trees were not the only things loaded with the delicious oranges.

Soon the sunny sky was rolling with incredible clouds.

They made amazing patterns and beauty over the everglades and sugar cane fields.

As they covered the sun, the darkness ruled and lightning struck, bringing a typical Florida down pour. . . but then rainy season (and hurricane season) does officially begin on Monday.
The spots on the windshield at first were not water droplets, but rather hundreds of smashed bugs -- Love bugs to be exact. They are thick in the air about this time of year and once they meet their demise on the car and windows, they are extremely difficult to remove, even with water and scrubbing. The trick is to get them off right away, so we stopped after a time and scrubbed the windows and front area of car, hood, etc. before resuming our journey.

We need the rain, so it was a welcomed sight. The drops of water bring much of the tropical-type beauty we enjoy in south Florida.

We also received many drops of joy at the memorial service for Joan as we listened to the testimony of her faithful and Godly life. She had a passion for God and loved to serve others. One of the things she dedicated herself to the last 14 or so years was to serve side-by-side with her husband in preparing, publishing, and sending out Spanish literature -- Gospel tracts, theology books, Sunday School material, other lesson materials -- around the world via Editorial Bautista Independiente. (This is a ministry arm of Baptist Mid-Missions.)

Just prior to her death, Joan wrote a lovely Gospel tract called A Drop of Joy which has also been translated into Spanish. I have posted a photo below, but if you want to read the contents, let me know and I will send a picture of the words inside.
You can order these beautiful tracts from
3417 Kenilworth Blvd.
Sebring, FL. 33870

But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.
Psalm 5:11

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