Saturday, May 9

My Girls

It was a hot one today (94 degrees) here in Miami, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the Mother's Day breakfast hosted by our church. I had a lovely morning with a few of my girls.

We tried new foods, including french toast with 'sauce' (syrup), and ate the 'sauce' with a knife. Questions were asked about the verses presented in the devotional and my girls were able to meet some of the ladies at church.

Yvette (l) is a sister in Christ who attends our weekly Bible study on campus at FIU. She is Palestinian/Cuban. Man Fu (in black) is my 'long-term girl" from China. For five years she has been coming to my home, weekly, for Bible studies but has not yet put her faith in Jesus. Bo is one of my newest girls. She is also from China. Vijaya (r) is from India and has been coming to church with us but still has lots of questions about God and the Bible.

I stand in awe of the sovereign ways He places these students in our lives, and know He has given us a huge responsibility. I wish you could meet these special ones God has put in our CBF family. Thanks for praying for them.


  1. What a lovely "family" of girls you have under your wing, Sharon! I am especially burdened to pray that Man Fu would put her faith in Jesus at long last.

  2. 94 degrees!! Why don't you send some of that heat here to Wash. I am cold here quite often and still turn on the heat in the house in the mornings and when I get home from work. I can't wait for it to be summer weather! That usually doesn't happen much around here until after July 4th. We'll see.
    Love you, Kathy


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