Friday, May 15

Old Meets New

This summer's Bible studies are focusing on teaching our students hermeneutics -- how to study the Bible. Last week we had three come out, but this week we saw eight students gather for our study.

This week Michael focused on one of the basics -- using a concordance. Only one of the eight students had ever heard of or had ever used a concordance. Many of us old-timers are most familiar with the monster-sized Strong's Concordance or some other large concordance you can barely lift. After some preliminaries, Michael had them gather around the computer and showed them how to use a concordance there. We looked up the words 'inspiration' and 'profitable.'
I am not sure they fully appreciated the ability to access a full concordance through a computer or Internet as opposed to the old way, but the important thing is to help them know how they can study God's Word for themselves.

I still love to thumb through the 'old-fashioned' book and see all those words in the concordance laid out before me, but it is so important to meet the current generation in ways that they can understand and grasp onto for their own. (These are students who don't even answer their cell phones any more; they text instead!) For this reason we have chosen to introduce this tool to them.

As we dig deeper into the tools and methods of Bible study, we'd love for you to share your favorite methods, tools, times, and ways to study the Word. You can post your comments here or send them to our email address. When we have several, perhaps we can share them with our students. In this way you can be a blessing to our CBF family.


  1. I have been involved in some Precept Bible studies in the past few years (the organization led by Kay Arthur). I, too, find myself using the good old huge Strong's concordance to look up the meanings of words in the original languages. I also like to look up the cross references to verses that are in the center margins of my Bible.

  2. Hey, Sharon!

    I was able to catch up on all your news and pictures. It sounds like all is going well. You and Mike are such a blessing to so many and so perfectly suited for ministry at FIU. It made me miss you and all the happy memories we had together here in Indy. Are you coming up this way this summer? We loved to see you sometime. Hope your health is better, Sharon. Let's catch up on the phone sometime soon.

    Love and blessings,


  3. Mike and Sharon! I really enjoyed reading your blog and catching up on everything that you've been doing! The bathroom looks GREAT! I agree that using a commentary on the computer is not as fun as holding an actual book, but it's a great tool and I'm sure they'll use it. Thanks for the updates keep them coming. We're praying for you guys!

    David Craig


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