Saturday, May 2

Pictures of Our Week

Graduation was Monday and Tuesday and classes for the new semester do not begin until this Tuesday, so what did we do all week without our CBF family . . .
I made some bread --
five loaves in fact . . . three wheat loaves, one almond cinnamon loaf, and one rosemary loaf.
This is the Rosemary bread cut and ready to be dipped in
spiced olive oil with our spaghetti and fresh green beans.

One day we visited with our 86 year old neighbor, Rosie. She is always a delight!
My hibiscus bush needed to be repotted, so it became another project for the week.
The blooms have been quite large, ranging from soft to deep coral.

But . . . the big task of the week was painting our guest bath and bedrooms. Without any Bible studies or students popping into our lives for a few days, it was the time to get it done.
The bath is small so it was hard to get a good view of the completed work. It is a pale sage in color.

I printed this verse with my computer and got the frame for $1;

with a few of my collected shells, free from the ocean Tanny
it became an inexpensive spot of decoration.

I took this photo behind our condo and framed it in an old 3 inch frame I had . . . another decoration that cost pennies.

The guest bedroom was a bigger task, started from dirty white walls and little decoration. It is now light sage and snowy egret in color with a weatherd sea theme for decorations.

This restful picture makes me want to nap in the boat.

If you come down for a visit and we are not here, perhaps it is because we have gone to the beach!


  1. Great pics, love all your decorating ideas! The room colors look good. You are so talented!

    Love your sister1

  2. Oooo, I love your redecorating, the colors you chose, and the special decorations! Also, I wish I could try some of your homemade bread--YUM!!

  3. I wish I could go to the beach when you go! I'd even love some of that nice warm air. Maybe, just maybe someday we can get over for a visit. You are toooo far away!
    Or maybe I am. Anyhow, the photos are very nice. I myself love things that come together for just a few pennies. We are rich, so rich in the Lord. He gives us so many blessings. You and Mike and your work are one!!
    With love, your sis


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