Friday, June 26

Day - Friday
Time - 11:00-2:45
Place - the Keller home, Miami, FL.
What is it?

A Ladies Brunch!
Make some miniature tarts with kiwi, raspberry, and blueberry crowning the tart shells.

Prepare a delicious mound of chicken salad with grapes and pecans;
Arrange flatbread stacked with salmon and capers, along with savory bacon and spinach quiche and steaming apple muffins to the menu.

Make some festive name cards for the guests and set the table for five.
Don't forget the beautiful flowers to grace the table . . .

It looks like we're ready for the brunch.

Welcome the Staff ladies from Florida International University;

And we are ready to eat!

Silvana (Colombian), Angie and Maria (Cuban) and my Mother-in-law (Arizonan) had a special time today as we visited with each other. Michael and his mother were wonderful behind-the- scenes assistants to make the brunch very sucessful.

My primary mission for this brunch was to continue to develop the relationship that God has granted me with these three delightful Latin Ladies. Often I have to stop in their office on campus for business purposes, but now I try to stop in frequently to build our relationship and share the Name of Jesus with them.
Today I gave each of them this tract and told them about Joan, the missionary who wrote it, who is now with Jesus. Sitting around the table, we read the tract together. Two of the women wept as I read. God gave me a wonderful opportunity to explain the Gospel to them through this venue. All three need the Savior and it is my prayer that the life of Joan Stephens will continue to make an impact on those who read this lovely tract.

If you are interested in purchasing this tract, contact EBI, 3417 Kenilworth Blvd., Sebring, FL. 33870. It available in English and Spanish.

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  1. Your brunch looks so inviting! What a lovely way to build your relationships with these three ladies.


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