Sunday, June 21

Rainy Season Event

What is a fun and productive way to spend a humid and rainy season day? Saturday we chose to spend it indoors learning how to make and decorate gift bags.
First we had to decide what rubber stamps to use and which decorations to attach to our bag.

Then, the array of inks gave us more decisions to ponder.

Assisting each other was part of the class as we learned to work together and share tools and supplies.It was a new experience for these two girls from China. I had taught Michael's Mother previously but she joined in our fun and fellowship too.

A very lovely bag made by Man Fu.

And one by Fang Liao.

Michael's Mother made a masterpiece of her own that was fit for a little botique shop.

Good job girls!
The rest of you should join us on our next rainy season event.


  1. Oh, what a fun and creative activity! It is clear the girls all had a wonderful time being crafty.

  2. I'd love to join you for the crafts but the commute is a bit far. Sorry! I guess only in my dreams. I imagined myself in one of your photos thinking of being there with you. Usually though, I am not in photos as I am mostly behind the camera. So, I could have enjoyed taking a few photos for you. Nice ones you put up on the site as always! Love you. Kathy


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