Saturday, July 11

Home Now

We are home now from our BMM and Campus Bible Fellowship Conference. Much was accomplished through the week and we were able to soak under some excellent preaching as well. We are tired, but glad to be safely home in Miami.
I promised you I would share our July 4th celebration with you. We prepared for about ten guests, but only two shared the evening with us. It was a great family night -- relaxing and full of opportunities to share American history and traditions with our guests. We laughed a lot and they asked many questions.

We started the night with a coconut and hot pepper cheese ball with seeded flatbread crackers . . . very tasty!The girls were brave sports and tried everything we served.
Our table was so festive with the star plates and the bright colors.

Our guests were facinated with the flag decorations. All I did was stick American flags in an apple. They were thrilled to know they could take it home.

We had a simple indoor picnic of hamburgers, potato salad, chips, carrot sticks, and lemonade.

YaRu and Man have become a part of our family.

No July Fourth picnic could pass without a little ice cream. We layered Raspberry Sorbet between two scoops of vanilla and sprinkled blueberries on the top. The star cookie hanging off the edge was another particular interest to our friends.
After dinner we went to a nearby park for fireworks. All of us enjoyed the relaxing evening, visiting and watching the beautiful show.

Thank God we are free!
(there was music at the park while they displayed the fireworks,
so feel free to turn down your volume.)

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  1. I praise the Lord for our free country, and for those whose sacrifice keeps it that way! Today at HHBC we had a special guest: Pastor Randy and Dale's son, Everett Gilmore. He is in the army, and will be going to Iraq soon. We had a time of prayer for him.


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