Wednesday, July 29

Look at these pictures and see what God has done in recent weeks. Our summer Bible study has gone from two to three faithful students to more than eighteen - almost overnight. The last two weeks we have had eighteen attend the Bible study. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, needs, and from various countries.
They have been eager listeners and good participators in the discussion around the Word as Michael continues to teach them how to study the Bible.
Some who came last week brought new students with them this week. Most have even brought their Bible -- even if it was on their computer.
Typically after our time is finished, the students are not . . . they love to hang around and visit with each other in more fellowship. Thankfully, our room reservation was the last one on the list for each Tuesday night this summer, which means we do not have to leave the room immediately at 9:00 p.m.
Besides fellowship, they often seek us out for more answers to personal questions and dilemmas they have encountered throughout the week. Sometimes they come for counsel or probing questions from the Bible. Tuesday nights tend to be another late night for us each week, but remains one of our favorite nights of the week.
We love our CBF Family.

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  1. From two or three to 18--WOW! That is exciting! God is blessing the ministry of CBF!


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