Saturday, July 18


Today we had the honor of attending a wedding here in Miami. These two special people were two of our Campus Bible Fellowship students who met at our CBF Bible study on campus. God grew them in maturity and drew them together in love.

Ryan was a young believer but quickly became grounded in the Word and faithful to the Lord. He has a passion for souls and shares the Gospel on and off campus frequently. Wilmarie is also a believer and deeply loves the Lord. We loved watching them grow in Christ and love watching them serve the Lord.

Mike and the groom-to-be, Ryan.

The flowers were simple but stunning orchids, roses, and white hydrangas.

This large poster was in the reception hall, reminding us of God's description of love. The large letters in the center spell their last name, Forkey.

The wedding was simple and God honoring as they focused on Him and His design for husband and wife.
Wilmarie has a beautiful smile that comes easily and has a genuine interest in others.

Ryan and Wilmarie Forkey - to God be the Glory.

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  1. Elsbeth and Jeremy were married last Saturday, July 11th. It was a beautiful and God-honoring ceremony. Our daughter is now Mrs. Rodgers!


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