Tuesday, August 18

A Little Bit of Everything

We have been doing a little bit everything the past few days -- mostly getting ready for the new semester to explode into reality. Last night we participated in the last Student Orientation Fair for incoming freshmen. We had several opportunities to meet new students and invite them to Campus Bible Fellowship.

Our living room looks a bit like a store house with some of the supplies for our first week of classes. We are hoping to give away several hundred gift bags to the students who pass our CBF table next week.Some of the bags have already been stuffed by ladies in our church and are crowding our our living room as well. We are thankful for our brothers and sisters in Christ who pitch in and labor with us in the ministry. Michael is continuing to study, both for class on Sundays at church and the Tuesday night Bible study on campus.
We also had the joy of hosting a young lady in our home for a few days to aid her in preparing for a lengthy ministry trip to India. Among other things, we cooked Indian food together to familiarize her with that part of Indian culture. One night we ate lentils, rice, chicken curry, spicy cauliflower, and delicious eggs. We also added these colorful potatoes. It was a special treat to teach and mentor while having so much fun.

There is still so much to accomplish this week for the new semester. We are looking forward to how God will work on campus next week through us. Thanks for praying.


  1. The food looks delicious! It's exciting to see all that God is doing through two vessels such as you guys. Love you! Sister1

  2. Your home is obviously a very busy ministry center!


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