Tuesday, August 4

Weekend Jaunt

Just for a few days this past weekend we took Charlotte up the road a few hours to see her sister (Michael's Aunt). They had not seen each other for nine years so we took the time to make it happen. There was much to talk about so we stayed up a bit late to enjoy the fellowship. One evening old photos were pulled out of boxes and memories abounded with each one.
Michael's Uncle joined the walk down memory lane and had a few of his own thoughts to share as well.
One of my favorite photos was the one below of Michael's Grandmother as a young girl.
On the way back down towards Miami we stopped in a town for dinner. Michael realized we were not that far from the ocean, so we took a small detour to the water's edge after we finished our meal. It was a great after-dinner-dessert! Since it was nearing sunset the temperature had dropped to about 88 degrees.

Along the beach we saw many stakes roped off with orange streamers. Each one is a sea turtle nest recently laid. Beach-goers enjoy the sand and water around each nest, but leave the nests alone so the turtles can hatch. In about two months from the time mother turtle laid her eggs in the sand, the baby turtles will dig their way out and head out to the water.

We found these interesting flowers along the beach as well.
It was a great half-way stop along our journey. The sea breeze was refreshing and it was really nice to get out of the car for a bit.
Soon the moon appeared and the water took on a different color.
Charlotte and Michael under a Florida moon.

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  1. I really enjoy looking at old photos, even of people I don't know, but especially photos of relatives. I really enjoy NEW photos, as well. This blog is full of lovely pictures!


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