Thursday, August 27

Welcome Week

It's Welcome Week at FIU. The banners are up and classes have begun.The fall semester students have arrived by the thousands and are trying to find which way to go.
They have filled the halls and are getting adjusted to class schedules and life on campus. For many, it is their first time in America, so they are adding the cultural adjustment to their life as well.We had our 'welcome table' outside again this year so we could have a little space and a little bit quieter place to visit. The heat and humidity has been high, but we had some shade and an occasional breeze. We have had many good opportunities to speak with students, staff, and professors. We gave away nearly 500 bags filled with information about CBF, a very nice Gospel tract, a piece of candy, a water bottle, and a welcome note for each person who stopped by.
Some stopped by for the 'free stuff' but many others came to ask questions about CBF, where we meet for Bible study, questions about God and the Bible or other spiritual issues on their mind.
We have met dozens of new students this week from all over the world.Our blue and yellow bags were soon snatched away, so we put out the paper bags filled with the same items. Some of the boys came to the table thinking it was lunch. :) They got the Bread of Life in print instead.

Michael's mom was quite a help at the table, especially when many were trying to talk to us at the same time.

Another sister in Christ helped us early in the week and got to see first-hand the immense need on campus.
Some of the students have already set up times to meet with us for personal Bible studies. It has been an exhausting week, but great joy in every way. Now for the hard work in the months to come. Pray for wisdom and strength.

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  1. What a great opportunity to pass out tracts! :) We'll be praying that you'll have many opportunities to reach the students as a result of that day!!


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