Thursday, September 3

Club Fair

Today we had the joy of being on campus again with all the incredible students God has surrounded us with at FIU. It was club fair day. Basically that means the clubs have the opportunity to host a table and present their purpose and information to anyone and everyone walking by. The campus has been very busy this semester and today was a continual stream of people (as in the photo below) like I have never seen before. Sometimes it was so packed there was a literal people traffic jam.

The ROTC table was one of the tables next to ours and they were very noticeable in sound and action. I couldn't help but wonder if some of these very students will be defending our country in the days ahead. We'd love to reach them with the truth as well.

The chosen theme for the fair was "Safari - find what you're looking for". A young boy at church loaned us his beloved wild animals to dress our table. We made signs that encouraged the students to think about what they are looking for and how to find it.

These little guys were bearers of our free pens we offered to those who stopped by.

Sometimes our interaction with the students was just long enough to give them our information, a pen and answer a few questions.

Some were like this young man who stopped and asked questions about God and the Bible for nearly an hour.

My new friend from Asia passed by, ate lunch with me, talked long, and told me she has many questions for our next Bible study. I'm ready!


  1. safari theme seemed to be a big drawing card. Loved your table, cute idea putting ink pens in with the animals!

    Love and miss you guys!


  2. What a great theme "find what you're looking for"; I bet the ones who came up with it didn't know that you could use it to be such an open door for Christian witness! Isn't God good to be planning ahead for things like that! :)


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