Tuesday, October 13

Another Good Day

More than twenty filled our little room tonight for Bible study -- from various parts of the world.  We started out with a bit of fellowship and a few snacks.  I brought grapes, pretzels, candy corn, and chocolate cookies. They ate them all. :)

Soon we dove into the Word, learning truths how to equip us from Satan's ways and tricks.

There was time for discussion . . .

. . . and more time in the Word.
We lingered afterwards, as usual, for more fellowship, questions, and relationship building with each other.  Even after leaving the room, several of the students followed us into the halls and talked a while more.  Too bad we couldn't bring them all home with us!

The day has been busy both at home and on campus, at the literature table, and with one-on-one Bible studies. The evening group study was a great way to end another good day. 

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