Saturday, October 10


This week we drove up to Clearwater, Florida to participate in the mission conference at Clearwater Christian College.

We crossed this amazing bridge near Tampa.

Once you get near it you can really see the height of it so that the ships can pass underneath without disturbing traffic.

The architecture was amazing.

On the downside over the bay.

The campus of Clearwater Christian College was a lovely place, home to about 600 students.

I loved the trees and landscaping there.

Some of the trees were filled with beautiful Spanish Moss, dripping down the branches.

Our time this week included participating in the chapels, speaking in two classes, Michael speaking in the guys dorm devotions one night about 10:30 PM, (classic CST) and giving interviews to many students.  They came to our table with questions in hand about missions, our work, and many other related questions that were on their minds.
It was really special to be with them this week.

We also visited with other missionaries at the conference. Here the Seymours and Michael enjoy some down time in The Cove - the campus coffee shoppe.

On our return to Miami we couldn't help ourselves from stopping at one of the many beaches in the area.  It was mid-day -- too hot to stay long -- but long enough to stick our feet in the water, listen to the crash of waves and watch the gulls run around the sand.

Then - it was back to the city and with our CBF family.

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  1. Nice! I wanna come visit! I'd love the warmth. Winter cold is coming to Washington. Not looking forward to it really but power for the course. You'd think I'd be used to it after all these years. Not!


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