Monday, October 12

Demolishing Strongholds

Today was another very warm day in Miami.  We got to spend part of it inside on the campus with our Monday Bible study group.  We have been watching a presentation from Answers In Genesis on demolishing the strongholds in our lives - particularly as it relates to evolution and humanism.

The students have seemed to appreciate the clear but simple truths that Ken Ham and other speakers have presented from God's Word.  These lesons follow closely to the series Michael has been teaching on Biblical Discernment.

Some of the young men attending on Mondays are very intent and have good questions in the discussion time.  They have been eager to take the extra reading and 'Challege' homework offered each week as well.  Pray for these dear students who are seeking to be a light on campus for our Lord.

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  1. Yay for stuff from Answers in Genesis! Michael and I really appreciate Ken Ham and the ministry of AiG.


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