Friday, October 16

Just Like You

Today was to be a 'day off', just to get some things accomplished and such.  Saturdays and Sundays are often filled with our CBF family and often quite busy with ministry, so today was to be just a kick-back day.  It was another beautiful day in Miami -- about 96 degrees -- with the fluffy white clouds strewing themselves across the tropical blue sky.

I planned to make bread and other fun, home related things.  Right after breakfast and our family devotions though, we got a call from one of our 'kids'; her car had been towed and needed someone to drive her to the auto shop.  :)  Oh well, there was plenty to see along the way; we'll just have an unplanned scenic drive on our day off.
Off we go . . .

The water fountains at the entrance to our community are always pretty to see. . . and the skies began to darken with the rainy season clouds. (Love the Summer green this time of year; but it is difficult to remember that it is Fall every where else.)

Cranes were busy adding to help build another major road in the city.

We soon picked up our CBF daughter at FIU and took her to the needed places to reclaim her car.

Mission accomplished.  Girl happy; CBF missionaries glad another crisis is resolved. 

Now it was time to get groceries -- just like normal people like you do.   :) 
No pictures necessary for that.  You know the routine: find parking place; get cart; use driving skills in the aisles similar to those needed on Miami streets; take groceries up front; try to converse with cashier who cannot speak English; put much slimmer wallet back in pocket.  Not to worry though - this 'day off' called for spicing up our trip home with a treat for the scenic ride home-- churros.

Churros can be thought of as a Spanish doughnut, sometimes made with potato flour.  They originated in Spain and are usually eaten with breakfast and hot chocolate. Here is a close-up of our churros with sugar sprinkled on them, hot out of the fryer.

Okay - I know they are killers for nutrition,
        -  it wasn't breakfast time,
        -  and I did not have hot chocolate . . .

. . . but it made for a fun trip home on our sort-of-normal-day-off in the Miami rain.

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