Sunday, October 25

This Is America

The past seven days have been very full -- a few of them filled with delight as we participated in a mission conference in Margate, Florida. 

But this was not your typical English speaking or Spanish speaking church that we so often find in this part of Florida, but a Haitian church. 

Mark and Theresa Jacobson are missionaries dedicated to sharing the Gospel with the Haitian people in this area.  They have been faithfully serving here for about twelve years.

We shared in the conference along with Dan and Marsha Haynes who are serving in Mali, Africa.  While some of the congregation speak English, there was interpreting in each service for the Body of Christ in Creole so all could understand clearly in their native tongue. (pastor Mark is on the right)

There was beautiful singing at each service by those who sought to praise God with their voices.

I recorded some of the beautiful congregational hymn singing in Creole but cannot get it to load here. (I will try later.) 
Missionary Haynes was kind enough to bring some shoes for the young people to try on after one service;

He demonstrated how the Mali people wear their turbans in the desert;

And Marsha Haynes brought bangles made by the African women for all the girls to receive.  They are made from grass, beads and wire.

On Sunday Michael spoke again to the adults and I had the joy of teaching some precious munchkins.
Here Kenly presents his great job on some worksheets we used in our lessons.

Carl and Ricky joined us too.

How special to teach the little ones that Jesus loves so much!

On Sunday one of our students, Wen, joined us. The Hatian girls were able to meet her and they welcomed her quite easily.

After one service we went to Pastor Jacobson's home for lunch and fellowship.  He showed us the tropical plants in their yard and gave Wen one of their star fruit.

The bananas were another favorite, though they were not ready for harvest yet.  Note the large blossom hanging beneath the bananas.

We all made new friends -- including Wen with one of Pastor Mark's sons.  Wen, being an only child, seemed to enjoy being around the children a lot.

One may think that you have to cross the seas to have such multi-cultural experiences in a simple woship service.  But the Creole, French, English, Chinese, and even Spanish language was all thrown about these few days in a musical mix of communication. While we need missionaries to cross the seas to serve and tell the people around the globe of the love of Jesus Christ, we desperately need to reach the multiple cultures and peoples we find every day here in Florida and the rest of the country.  This is America.

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  1. Hi. Nice photos and yes, multiculture is all across America and we are seeing it more and more. Our church is still full of that. Not only the Koreans are at our church but also the Nepalese are coming and are asking many questions about Jesus. What an opportunity right under our noses.


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