Saturday, November 7

A Peek At the Week

Things didn't turn out exactly like I planned this week, but managed to accomplish quite a bit in spite of three days lost after my food poisoning episode.  :(

Here is a quick peek around campus this week.

The multiple flags hanging in one of the eating areas on campus is an ever-present reminder of the amazing daily opportunity we have to reach the students from these far away places.

This week was the one chosen by the not-so-anticipated-evangelist who comes to campus each semester and makes spiritual work rather difficult for us.  This picture was taken after the police were called in and things were tamed down greatly.  The evangelist screams, accuses, and condemns hatefully.  As he points out specific persons, names apparent sins, and condemns them to Hell, it closes doors to understanding Christ's true message of forgiveness. Often the girls end up in tears (stressful ones and not repentent) and the guys become hardened.

As the preacher's door seemed to close, God opened up several to me for sharing Christ with people who approached me about the whole scene, as I was nearby at the time.  We will face the fall-out from this for days to come though. 

There was some good time to connect with many of our students via the literature table. Yvette loves to stop by to give me a bear hug.

Our group Bible study was well attended again this week - about sixteen or so students.  I brought suckers this night for a treat.  It was comical to see most of them eating the suckers all at the same time.

These are some of the best shots of the night, though; those around the table, as well as those seated on the perimeter of the wall spent a concentrated time in prayer with our Lord. 

This picture didn't happen on campus, but the CD landed in my mailbox this week.  (Special treat while being so sick!) Our friends have recorded a Christmas CD that we really enjoyed.  Their web link is on the side of our blog ["The Neely Team"] and you can find the ordering information there.  If you have children or grandchildren, this is a great gift for them to listen and sing along with the Neely children.

Well - that's just a peek.  Post a comment and let us know what happened in your week.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you had an episode of food poisoning. I have had that happen once to me, and it wasn't pretty!

    I have been busy working on my Precept study of the book of Exodus.


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