Sunday, November 22

Today was a good day in worship with the other believers here in Miami.  Michael taught one of the adult Sunday School classes.  He finished the Book of James.

One of our students came with us today as well.  She always tries to sing along with us, though the songs are all new to her. Sometimes she asks questions in S.S. class or in church. If you see me 'writing notes' during the service, I am probably trying to answer one of her questions with pen and paper instead of talking out loud.  :)

The music was especially beautiful today. I loved the focus on giving praise and thanks to Him.  Pastor preached from Exodus 20, and then the church body ate a thanksgiving dinner together before we shared in the afternoon service.  Thank God for freedom to sing, worship, and pray.  He is so good.

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  1. I just finished studying Exodus 20 in my Precept course. The front of your church auditorium looks nice!


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