Tuesday, December 15

Catching Up

Last Saturday some of the church family helped us bake treats and fill tins to give away on campus. Actually they did 99% of the work and preparation, I just joined in for a little fun with them.

Their work was amazing -  tasty and beautiful!

It was fun to work together. Even the men pitched in with skillful hands and joyful hearts.

On Sunday we listened to a beautiful Cantata with a full orchestra. One of our Chinese students came with us. She said she could not undesrtand all the words, but the message of Christmas was clear to her.  This is her first Christmas ever and it has been a joy to walk her through the story little by little over the past weeks through Bible study, nativity scenes, church events, and music.

Sunday evening all the men of the church had a special men's choir. What an amazing sound to hear all the 'regular, ordinary' men join their voices together in praise.

Monday morning found us at the campus to give away all of our Christmas Tins to the staff and faculty that we work with during the year.  It has become a delightful way to show them our appreciation. Very few are Christians, so we include a Gospel tract with each tin.

We see these three Latin ladies each week on campus and I am building relationships with them. They were so happy to receive this gift. All of them were standing on their tip-toes to see if they could look taller.

Monday evening found us on the campus once again for one of the six graduations (in two days).  There were more than 500 graduating at this hour.  You cannot see all the flags here, but each flag represents the country of someone graduating this day at FIU.

"Fanny" received her fourth degree (this one in Transportation).  Her husband flew in from the Netherlands to be with her. It was our first time to meet him.  They were married in the summer but have yet to be together.
"Fanny" told me last night that she wants to come to church Sunday and bring her husband. Pray for both of them.

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  1. I am praying that Fanny and her husband do come to church tomorrow. I wonder if he has ever been exposed to the Gospel.


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