Wednesday, December 9

Christmas Dinner for CBF Family

Cuban rice and beans, meat, cuban bread, and pastelitoes anyone?
The students were ready to take an evening off to relax together at our Christmas dinner before finals week came crashing in around them.  We have way too many pictures to share, but here are several to give you a glimpse at our authentic Cuban meal in a room on campus called the faculty club. 

Melissa, who is Cuban, was my chief decorator and encourager. 

Simon (from India) and Melissa made the lemonade, and were great, all-around support for our gathering.

Welcome to CBF Christmas dinner!
The Faculty Club Room was already decorated nicely so we just added a few touches of our own (like nativity scenes, etc.) and brought some lovely Christmas music to play in the background.

Dinner is ready!

... And they came (about 60 of them).

... And they ate

... And they talked

... And they ate some more.

Two more of our family.

We had prepared several gifts for the guests to be given away throughout the course of the evening.  This little guy has his hands full of highlighters (for those two-ton textbooks) to aid a student's studying.

Here is the student who won the penguin and highlighters. (Notice he is still wearing his backpack during dinner. The students' backpacks are their constant companions.)

Drawing a name for another gift.

Winner of the longed-for gift card to Moe's -- our regular Monday night place to gather with the students for eats.

As the night drew on and some of our first-time guests departed, our close-knit family stayed for more fellowship. One had brought his Bible and began yet another theological discussion.

Many of the students God has placed in our family this year really love His Word and never grow tired of talking about it.

Animated explanation.

CBF Family time around the table, listening and participating in the discussion.

CBF is a great place to grow.
Many of our guests were new to us, but we hope our love and fellowship will cause them to consider making Campus Bible Fellowship a regular meeting place for themselves next semester.

Sean has made CBF a regular place in his life this year and his spiritual growth has been a fun journey to watch.  Michael also has personal discipleship Bible studies with him weekly. 
(I have no idea what they are trying to achieve in this photo . . . I am in the background talking to some Chinese girls.) 


  1. That last picture show some pretty intense gazes! :) The dinner sounds like a wonderful outreach to the students.

  2. beautiful pictures!!!
    thinking and praying for you,
    in Christ,
    Ana Lee


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