Saturday, December 5

Christmas Tea

Look who came to Tea!

Today our church hosted the annual Christmas Tea for ladies and their daughters.  I brought of few of my own girls. 
"Fanny" is graduating next week and will soon leave us.  She is still not a believer.

God brought Jing 3 into my life just 10 days ago. She is a policeman in China here to study chemistry forensics.

Andrea (from Peru)

Giselle (Cuban/American) and I meet each week for discipleship.

Alyssa (from Ecquador) is a baby believer and comes to our Bible studies each week.

Wen (from China) meets with me each week for a personal Bible study to explore the claims of Scripture.  She also comes to our group study and has been attending church with us each week.

Jessica (Haitian) is a sister in Christ who also attend our campus Bible studies.

There were 166 ladies at the Tea -- and Max (just 2 weeks old).

We all had a delightful day.  It was 82 degrees with a few raindrops and a tornado warning.  The rains didn't really come until we were all finished for the day. (And we never had the tornado, thank the Lord.)
Each table is decorated and prepared for guests by various ladies in the church and the room is a sight to behold.

I include chopsticks for my girls from China. It helps them tremendously in an already unfamiliar setting with sometimes, unfamiliar food.

Michael is always a huge help to me, bringing in all the dishes and decorations for the table I decorate; carting me and the girls to and from the Tea; and manfully eating lunch on his own while we dine in regalia. 

The food is simple, but fun. The chef is quite adept at making it all look so beautiful.

Of course, the best part is the fellowship with others, enjoying hot cocoa, tea, or apple cider (and fanning ourselves in the heat) while listening to Christmas music from a variety of girls and ladies in the church.

Jing 3 took the time to read my little message on the dinner plate which included a portion of Scripture from John.

I love the Christmas time opportunities God gives me to share His Name with my girls once again.  He is so amazing!

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  1. Hi Mrs. Keller,
    I just found your blog. I love being able to put a face to a name as I pray. May God bless!

    Ashley Johnston


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