Friday, December 11

Procrastination Station - night one and two

It's finals week, late at night, and the beauty shop on campus is closed;

The dry cleaners and shoe repair shop is closed;

and the students are headed to the library to cram for their tests.

The library is indeed, crammed full of students cramming.
(First two floors of eight-story library is dotted with students in the windows.)

In the Student Center however, the Procrastination Station is open! (that would be us)

About five or six years ago we saw a way to serve the students during their hectic week of finals and started providing free coffee and snacks to boost the students in their final hours of the semester.  It has become a popular place to visit when they need a break from the library or just need conversation and a dose of caffiene or sugar.

Sometimes our church family pitches in with goodies that are oh so tempting. It must have been really tasty as we ran out of food the first night on the main campus.

We often meet new students and have opportunity to chat with them. Sometime we get to build relationships we have already started earlier in the year, like this young man.

Can you guess what these treats are?

Often we have opportunity to share our invitation card to CBF Bible study.

Sometimes they read it on the spot (like this young man) and ask more questions about CBF or the Bible.

Finals lasts at least five days, but we only stay 'til midnight two nights this week. The preparation, the excitement, the brain power, and late nights are enough to make us wonder if we have lost our sanity.  :)  It is absolutely amazing how God works through this outreach though.

Night Two:
The Engineering Center campus is a few blocks down the road and we make our way there for the second night of Procrastination Station. 

This campus is full of students working on engineering, computer sciences, construction management, transportaion, and other highly technical degrees. A large majority of students here are international and rarely get to the main campus. This night is a wonderful time of talking with students from around the world, such as this Korean man.

He stayed for a long time, eating and visiting late into the night.

This campus tends to be quieter with more opportunities for extended conversation. We had students studying all around us.

So many expressed their gratitude for our presence; two young men and one young lady inquired about having Bible studies with them.
If you need an outlet for your servant heart some December or April, come down to Miami and hand a cup of coffee and share a smile with a few of the most amazing people around. You won't forget your journey anytime soon.

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  1. It really takes a servant's heart to do this, and you both have that!


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