Friday, January 1

Enjoying Christmas Break

What do CBF missionaries do when our students are on break? 

Meet "Fanny's" husband from Holland; invite them over for dinner; find common ground to build a relationship --  (Okay, so we are addicted to our kids!)

Serve in the church nursery with the precious ones and

try not to giggle too hard when they say and do the funniest things --

Savor the tart cherry pie after tummies are content with our delicious Christmas Dinner and

then help family wash the dishes --

Catch a Florida sunset --

Marvel at the afternoon clouds --

appreciate the beautiful flowers while most of the U.S. is experiencing a cold winter.

Take Wen shopping --

Fix lasagna, green beans with cayenne, homemeade bread, ceasar salad, and garlic stuffed olives for New Year's Eve --

Make a self-portrait and be a little silly!

Happy New Year!


  1. Love the pic of you two!

    Love, Sister1

  2. Sounds like you have enjoyed your break time. Happy New Year to you, Mike and Sharon!

  3. Happy new year! Thanks for such neat photos. Sending love! Kathy


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