Sunday, January 10

Most Pathetic

We admit it . . . you will probably think we are the most pathetic missionaries you have come across in a long while, but we are really cold.

I took this picture on the way to church this morning in our car.  The temperature gauge is quite acurate and we were quite cold.  It dropped below freezing last night. By 9:00 a.m. it had warmed up some but the wind chill advisory for Miami was still in effect.  (Never heard that on the weather report before now!) 

Michael preached at an area church this morning as their pastor was away.

This is what I looked like before we all entered the church.  Thank the Lord we kept a few winter clothes tucked away in a box!  And yes-- those are boots I am wearing. Unbelievable!

This is what I looked like inside the church as well.  The church doesn't have a heating system (this is Miami folks) and so all of us left our coats on, sat close together, and held our chilly noses with our hands during the preaching. It was almost comical except we were trying to seriously listen to the Word of God. Michael was the only one that took off his coat, save a few who didn't even have a coat.
Michael's preaching resume could look like this:  has preached in his stocking-feet in India (since they do not wear shoes indoors), swallowed a fly that went down his throat while preaching on an island in the Caribbean, and preached in a below freezing sanctuary in Miami.

Wen came with us to church.  Poor girl left all her winter clothes in China so I brought her a jacket to wear-- over her other three layers of garments.  She had on two pair of pants and borrowed the neck scarf.  Michael reminded us in the sermon that there are brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who worship each week in cold rooms or outside in the the cold because that is just normal.  We all agreed that we really have nothing to complain about.

Michael's Mother (visiting us here again for a spell) took us all out to eat after church to a local restaurant but since they don't have a heater in there either, we ate dressed, like we sat in church.  :)   A great day for memories!
The forecast for this coming Saturday is 81 degrees.  Yippeee!!


  1. Wow! So amazing! I feel cold much of time here is Washington, and sometimes after looking at your photos of the sunshine, short sleeves at the beach and hear of the 80 degree weather, I get tempted to come there for a spell or to live there. I love being warm to the bone! I guess we top your temps today since as of right now after 1PM it is 52 degrees and somewhat sunny. So sorry to hear you have to do this "cold" stuff. Take a hot shower and down some warm tea or coffee then look forward to next Saturdays temps!
    Love you both!

  2. And I thought it was cold up here! You know it's cold if I am cold! I can't imagine a building (in the US) NOT having a heating system; but if you only use one once every 100 years, I can see that. Thanks for the updates!

    Love you both,


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