Sunday, January 31

Seen on Sunday

Since much of what we see every day is students, and we are always telling about, and showing you the students, we thought you might like to see what we saw today besides students. 
Here is small section of the large sunflower fields we see on the way to church or campus.  These are grown for the street vendors to sell at the stop lights.  They gather about 5 or 6 in a bunch and wave them by your car windows at the intersections to tempt you to buy these lovely flowers.  When the field has been harvested there is only a very short time before the next planting.  It is amazing how fast they grow.
Of course we see the flexible and durable palms dotting the city lanscape every day - not just on Sunday.
It was quite overcast today but the ducks paid no mind as they crossed the street in front of us as we made our way to church.
A small pond near our home.
These are close up shots of coral-- commonly used here for buildings (inside and out), walls, fireplaces, decorative garden walls, etc.
I am not certain of the name of this pretty plant. Do you know?
We saw this fountain where we ate lunch today. (Notice the coral wall edging the fountain.)
Simple carnations on our table. (Notice the coral ledge outside the window.)
One of the little tykes at church -- he has four sisters.
This advertisement was given to us tonight by a FIU staff member who received it in her mailbox at work.  It is promoting the contemplative practices of four faiths who are trying to celebrate "spiritual creativity" between them. It was held today in Maimi and sponsored by the University. 

Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
It's just a reminder for the week ahead and the deep need for Jesus in this place.

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