Tuesday, January 26

A Slice of Tuesday

Every day on campus is a little bit different than the last, but Tuesday's tend to have their own trend it seems. Usually, they are long.  :)  Today we spent almost twelve hours on campus.  A big chunk of the day was spent near our literature table, meeting students, answering questions about Campus Bible Fellowship, and connecting with our own kids. (can you find our table here?)

The halls bustled for hours with students and faculty as they dashed to class, hung out with friends, or grabbed a bite to eat in the food court. Another table near us played 'music' that was quite loud and a little difficult to ignore at times.  So, after some time I walked outside to take a break while Michael stayed at the table. I took my camera looking for a few moments of peace and found these cute little guys hanging out near the bridge at Turtle Pond.

I seriously doubt that is the actual name of this pond, but it is what I call it since there are several different ponds on campus. It was beautiful today, reflecting the trees around it.

There are so many turtles (and fish) in this pond, including this large guy and the tiny baby at the bottom of the photo.

But, we are here for the people, not the turtles, so I found my way back inside and talked to several more delightful students. 

Another slice of the day was in Bible studies, personal and small group.  Our group study was well-attended again tonight even though we were missing several regulars.  It's not uncommon for some to come with their dinner, find a seat, tuck their feet under themselves, and listen to the Word of God.

Some come as first-timers, invited by roommates, classmates, or hear about CBF through other ways on campus.

We welcome all of them even if they have to come a bit late from a class or slip out early. This is a photo of those who were able to stay through the whole time tonight.

We are currently studying what the Bible has to say about war and learned some neat things about God tonight.

Another slice of Tuesday is the time after Bible study when the students hang around for fellowship, ask questions,

need counsel, or some time in prayer.

All these slices (and more) add up to a full and fruitful day that keeps us coming back for more.

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  1. Cute turtles, beautiful students!


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