Monday, January 25

Small Random Joys

We have been busy the past week, both on and off campus. One of the joys the past few days have been getting to meet the daughter of one of our former CBF students.  She was especially delighted to get to know Michael . . . but then, he is easy to love!

The weather has really been to our liking these days as well, such as this day of warm sunshine and 86 degrees ... more than 50 degrees warmer than the previous week.

The skies have been quite beautiful too.

The sunset was a beauty on the way to church last night.

And we love the many hibiscus blooms near our condo.

Yesterday we had the joy of hearing the ALERT Team worship God in song in the evening service. There were several pilots and other men on their way to help in Haiti who also worshipped with us yesterday. God is good!

Another joy is knowing that you read our blog and pray for us as we live and serve here. Come visit us sometime.

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  1. Oh, what a sweet baby girl!

    The ALERT team has a great ministry helping those in need!


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