Wednesday, January 13


We are starting to thaw out a bit here and we are ready!  The lizards and crops have taken quite a hit, but our tropical bones have made it through in one piece. :)

Here is a site for sore eyes - students sitting outside on the grass!  We still have our coats on, but the sun was so wonderful today.

While many were outside getting some vitamin D, several hundred others were inside with us getting information and freebies at the Club Fair.

Michael and I sat here all day meeting new students, giving out information, visiting with students we already know and working on getting some tangible help to Haiti.  So many from Haiti are studying here and have family in the devastation of the earthquake. (Baptist Mid-Missions has a relief fund. If you want to help out and know your efforts will reach their intended destination, go to the BMM link on the side-bar and contact Larry Beckman.)

Many other clubs came out today to participate and learn about the organizations on campus.

Some of our own CBF students stopped by as well to help out for a while. This was a great help since sometimes there were four or five at a time at the table trying to learn about our Bible studies.

Periodically the council heading up the club fair would give away (throw into the air) bags of stuff for students, such as highlighters, usb drives, and pocket tools.

Shirts were another hot item.

Jessica caught one and was pretty happy. We just met her last night at Bible study. She is from southern India and is looking for a good Bible study group on campus. We had 20 out for the study last night and had a wonderful time pouring over the Word with them. You would just love our kids - wish you could be here. Jessica seemed to enjoy her time last night and came to sit with us at the table for about an hour today. She asked many questions and we hope to get to know her more.

I spotted another piece of 'art' on campus today. Leave me a comment for your title suggestion. I have no idea what it is supposed to be. I took a close up of it to help you get a feel for the look and texture of it. Some of you artists need to do a piece and donate it to the University here (he he).

Stay warm!


  1. I have tried for the past week to think of a title for the artwork, but I haven't come up with anything! It is just so random looking!

  2. My heart goes out to those in Haiti and those in the U.S. who had family in Haiti affected by the earthquake.


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