Friday, February 26

A Little Journey

Are you up for a fat photo album?  We recently took a little journey about three hours north of Miami to speak in a supporting church during their mission conference. Soon out of Miami, we passed this section of everglades.  (These trees have been burned previously - probably through lightning.)
Next we ventured into sugar cane land.  The smoke in the background is from burning off the old stubble from harvested sugar cane fields.  This section of Florida aslo has monsterous powerlines that go on until your eyes reaches the horizon.
They have some sugar cane planted now and the green fields will soon be small jungles of tall, thickly growing sugar cane.
A little farther north we spied cow fields and even a few pine trees. This part of Florida also boasts a few black bears. We saw "Bear Crossing" signs along the road.
I included the next two pictures because it is a similar sight of what I saw on my first visit to Florida. When I woke up and looked out the bedroom window that first morning, I stared in shock to see 'snow' in the yard of our host.  A few moments later I came to my senses.  It's just sand, but it still takes me by surprise sometimes.
The orange trees seem to love the sandy soil in this section of Florida.
It is orange season now.
The groves are thick and beautiful, and very plentiful in this part of Florida.
Soon we reached the little town where our supporting church is and met our host family.  They were soooo cute!  We learned a lot being with them.
Her tangerines were ready for harvest as well.
Her grapefruit tree was loaded and they were very large.
She had other beautiful Florida plants throughout her yard.
Though still winter - even here in Florida - these tiny flowers were scattered in her yard. The bug on the right is an infamous Love-bug.  Usually you see two flying together, and often in swarms.  When they hit your car and meet their demise you need to get them all washed off quickly because they really stick-- sometimes even damage the paint job on the car.
We had a delightful time sharing our ministry with those in the church.
Most of the congregation are retirement age and many of them are snow-birds. They listened intently to all of us missionaries. We loved hearing from the other missionaries as well.
This sweet couple lost their mates a few years ago and God brought them together to serve in Talahassee, planting a church.  They brought us much laughter.
Talking with those who stopped by our tables, met us in the hall, or stopped us after the services was really delightful.
Our Saturday luncheon was a grand time of fellowship, getting to know one another around some delicious food (all those grandmas can really cook!), and listening the the Word of God.
They also had a session in which they asked us missionaries specific questions about our ministries.
Before we travelled back to Miami we stopped to visit two dear friends in the area.  They began the CBF chapter at Florida International University and poured countless days into the lives of the students there. We are grateful to have the job of stepping into their shoes after their retirement and carry on the campus ministry at FIU.
Angel (the poodle) and Gabby keep them company. Angel goes frequently to an area rest home and visits other special residents there.
Our little journey is over and it's back to the foreign land of Miami.  :)

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  1. Thank you for the travelogue of your journey. I loved all the pictures and "meeting" some of the dear people you encountered there.


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