Thursday, March 18

Family Night

They say when you get older, sometimes you start to lose your mind. Seventeen students from seven different countries joined us for dinner and games for Family Night at our house this week during Spring Break.  So, it may look like we may have lost a little more of our sanity-- but we had a great time doing it!
Wen came over early and helped me prepare the food. Her expertise with the chopsticks was her prefered utensil while in the kitchen.

Soon the others began to arrive.

These three attend the Bible study their sorority asked me to lead on campus. 

Jing is a visiting scholar from China where she is a forensic policeman.  She is researching how to identify DNA from even tinier traces than now possible.

Soon it was time to eat.

I bought two types of bread for sandwhich-making in case they wanted that instead of my homemade bread -- silly me!  They hardly touched the store bread.

The Cranberry-Orange muffins were a hit too.

Jessica (a Teaching major) brought the 'new' girls into my kitchen to show them, "This really cool machine."  She drooled over my Bosch (mixer) and promoted it to the other girls. 

After eating they wanted to play 'pictionary'. Since we don't have that game, we improvised with word cards from another game and a white board.

We had every possible seat in the house used for them to watch and participate in the fun.

Watching team members draw kept everyone on the edge of their seat.

Jing was especially excited with this game and could hardly stay seated.

She had never seen this game before.

When it was her turn to draw she did not know the English word, so Michael explained it to her with gestures while we all looked the other way.  She then drew the word 'chin' and her team got it!

They were all very quick so we cut the guess time in half and randomly chose words out of the dictionary -- still managing to draw and guess the words.

Now we were getting wound up a little and attempted to get 19 people in my kitchen (including the photographer).  Hmmm - a little more of those brain cells malfunctioning I think.

We introduced a game called Bandu where you auction off wooden pieces to build your tower. Here they are scoping out the playing pieces.

Besides players, the observation gallery was quite full.

If you want to refuse a piece up for auction you have to pay a bean. Otherwise you are forced to take that piece and immediately place it on your tower.

Med. student learning how to engineer!

Standing so far ...

Andres adds yet another piece.

Auctioning off a thin stick.

Soon it was between Sean and Sean as the gallery held their breath while pieces were placed on leaning towers.

A Construction Management major, Sean declared his strategy.

Deciding whether to buy the auctioned piece or refuse it.

A Phsychology major gives counsel where to place the piece.

In the end, the Criminal Justice major wins the game!

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  1. What a fun night! I think maybe you could have fit another dozen or so people in--haha!!


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